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Reviewed: 23-1-18
Zeepin wants to become the world leading blockchain based in innovation, crowd-funding and transaction. An investment platform for the global cultural and creative industry. (1) Currently the creative market is reducing passion for innovation, because right confirmation and protection has been made difficult. Zeepin hopes to create a fair and efficient creative ecosystem, which can be understood as a public facility in the blockchain field and could help global creative content producers and innovators with:

– Assets digitisation and rights confirmation.
– Enabling efficient transactions and crowd-funding of creative assets.
– Helping organisations and individuals improve innovation efficiency.
– Incubating a large number of self-governing for-profit creative organisations.

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On the platform each organisation or individual will have a digital identity and is able to convert innovative resources into digital assets which can be shared on Zeepin Chain to reduce risks in trading between users and improve creation efficiency.

It is planned that atomic transactions on Zeepin chain can support electronic assets, asset swaps, payment. (An atomic transaction is an indivisible and irreducible series of database operations such that either all occur, or nothing occurs). Zeepin Platform provides support for innovators from putting forward an idea to a fully operating project, including project crowdfunding, team formation, copyright protection and IP transactions.

There are 5 participants on the platform: Creators, engage in for example, advertising, fashion, architecture and design, which make up the core group of the cultural and creative industry; Industrial Manufacturers, use their excess capacity to form economic entities with creators to enveil consumer goods for crowdfunding; Entrepreneurial Teams, are often distracted from their own projects and can effectively recruit talents and manage teams using the platform; Project Supporters, are ZPT holders who crowdfund projects; Other Participants, everyone in the community, authors, media and artists.
A Credit Score is introduced to encourage positive behavior of the participants for the development of the platform, different factors assign credit scores to every user.

Zeepin dApps
Zeepin dApps provide various API data interfaces for community developers. Any user of the platform may release Zeepin-based apps to serve the whole creative industry. The foundation develops the following dApps:
– ZeeRights; a dApp which supports innovators and ensures the protection of their copyright.
– ZeeCrew; a public facility in the community to form decentralised and autonomous project teams.
– ZeeProof; provides conclusive proof of copyright existence, thus reducing the risk of intellectual property violation.
– ZeeSure Asset Insurance; will provide innovators a one-stop insurance service for various digital intellectual property and consultation.
– ZeeCreate; is able to quickly connect creative contents and people in need of creative ideas.
– ZeeTalent; provides a low-cost international talent recruitment service.
– ZeeFund; project teams may launch project crowdfunding paid in ZPT.

Use of the Zeepin Token (ZPT)
ZPT is a functional utility token of the infrastructure of the community which can be used on the platform as a unit of exchange for products/services and provides stimulance which will encourage contribution. ZPT holders are able to vote for improvements to the platform infrastructure as well as some of the project thereon, and receive incentives for maintaining the Zeepin Platform.

Token distribution
Development of core features; 20%: Project operations; 15%: Marketing; 15%: Zeepin Chain Board of Directors (Board Directors are early supporters, founders and partners of Zeepin Platform).

Company and Team
Zeepin is a start-up company based in Shanghai, China. In order to fund the project, Zeepin launched a sale for investors. The founder and Chief Strategy Officer of Arting365, (2) which is a creative service community of 1.2 million designers, have founded the Zeepin Platform to support creativity and innovation. The rest of the Zeepin team includes Senior Developer Jason Xu, Chief Brand and Fashion Officer Zhang Ying, Head of Investor Relations Leo Cai, and Marketing and Public Relations Specialist Shadow Tang. Some team members are described below.

CEO: Zhu Fei, Former CEO Arting365, 15 years experience in the creative industry, Director of 3 Shanghai creative/design associations. (3)
CSO: Shenbi Xu, CSO Arting365, 18 years experience in multinationals, Asia-Pacific Head of GE Innovation Center. (4)
COO: Glove Gu,  10+ years of corporate operation and management experience. Operated over 50 events for international brands. (1)
Legal Adviser: Clarence Guo, Advocate and solicitor in Singapore practicing in Tzedek Law LLC. (5)

The Foundation will work with Arting365 to enable over 1.2 million designers worldwide to provide creative services for their customers, and possibly even the whole industry in the Zeepin community. (2) Arting365 was established in 2001. Its main focus is the creative arts industry which encompasses for example digital art designs, games and animations. Their website has around 100.000 pageviews per day. (6)

– ‘18 M3: Zeepin Chain; under development
– ‘18 M4: ZeeWallet; UI design completed
– ‘18 M5: ZeeRights; Function development completed, testing and upgrading
– ‘18 M8: ZeeCreate; Core function development completed; testing and upgrading
– ‘18 M10: ZeeSure; Demo design completed and under preparation
– ‘19 M1-M12: Zee-Crew, Fund, Talent, Proof; Under planning

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