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Reviewed: 12-2-18
The goal of Pingvalue is to revolutionise the current digital advertising market. The implementation of blockchain technology and smart contracts will allow the creation of advertising models based on transparency, relevancy and rewards. Such models will enable businesses and organisations to directly reach their target audience with 3 main benefits: Save costs related to third parties functioning as intermediaries; Increase revenues thanks to more effectively targeted marketing campaigns; Transform advertising into interactive communication. (1)

According to the whitepaper, there are 3 major groups in the advertising market with different problems: The people: Individuals suffer from information overkill, the information they get is often irrelevant or does not reach them at the right moment and privacy is violated (large media sites host up to 70 trackers). Products (businesses and brands): New technologies allow for big data to be collected, but how do they make sense of that data and translate it into insights and concrete actions. There is lack of personalised customer experiences both online and offline, which often makes interactions ineffective. Places (cities/urban): City centers are becoming empty and commercial activities are less successful. This brings negative consequences on the local socio-economic system.
Pingvalue aims at transforming the current economic model by enabling real-time relevant and trustworthy interactions between people and businesses/institutions. They use their own patented algorithms to provide relevant information at the right time with actionable items. The interaction among the 3 major community groups will result in relevant and personalised experiences in a world of unstructured big data, generating wealth for the socio-economic system. (1)

Pingvalue has a solution for every major community group:
A Smart Personal Agenda and Digital Wallet for individuals: Relevant recommendations when they are needed & trustworthy transactions. A One-Stop Shop Management Solution for businesses: Know your customers better through digital interactions (Spot your Audience), and attract them to physical stores/places with relevant communication. A Smart Urban Panel for institutions: Brand your city, engage with citizens and visitors and co-create smart neighbourhoods.

Pingvalue’s app for Android and iOS allows users to discover events, sights and products in the immediate vicinity that are recommended by locals. All this tailored to their unique profiles, tastes and locations. From shops and cultural venues to tips for experiences. Pingvalue wants to change how friends, acquaintances and even brands communicate with each other by exchanging information that can be of interest to individuals, organizations and physical stores.
The iOS and Android application were launched in 12-’16 and 02-’17. In the application you can find information about: People, Advice from people that share your same tastes and passions; Products, Tips on trends and gadgets that match your unique style and personal needs, when and where you want them; Places, Inspiration on restaurants, locations, events, and activities that meet your expectations; Promotions, Products and services with a discount, with no need to fill your wallet with cards and coupons.

Pingspot points (wi-fi hotspots)
In today’s world, the majority of companies are operating within the ecommerce. This has led to the problem of physical stores get empty. With wi-fi, companies have found a way to attract customers back to the physical stores. However, wi-fi only allows gathering of some general data about the customers connecting to it and is just a channel of mass communication.
Pingspots create free wi-fi throughout the city through the Pingspot points of shops and services, which means that they are permanently connected to Pingvalue and generate data traffic that is exploitable for the brands and local environments. Thanks to physical mapping of foot traffic and in-depth customer analytics on profile and interests accessible from the Pingvalue dashboard, Pingspot owners can know their customers better, providing well-timed messages.

Use of the Pingcoin (PCO)
The utility token Pingcoin (PCO) will be used within the Pingvalue platform in order to:
– Rent advertising space on Pingspots (Pingvalue wifi hotspots) to reach a relevant audience based on smart data.
– Reward businesses owning Pingspots with a share of the revenue derived from advertising (40%).
– Reward users sharing adverts with the community, bringing new customers (20% of revenue).
– Reward users for bringing Pingspot owners/advertisers on the Pingvalue platform.
– Purchase smart data on consumer profiles and interests.
– Benefit from discounts on products and services.
Token distribution
20% of the Tokens are issued to the foundation and founders. The distribution of these coins are as follows: 47%: Marketing; 22%: Technical costs; 17%: Staff; 8%: General and administrative; 5%: Capital expenditures.

Company, team and partners
The company was created in January 2014 by Mr. Scatorchia. The first version of the platform was launched in Summer 2016, and awarded by Cisco in October 2016. Also, VC InvestInFuture entered with €1.2 MM. (2) From 2017, a team was hired, and Pingvalue has launched the ForYou engine and digital wallet in 7 languages for web and mobile application. The entire team is composed of 30 people across Luxembourg, Belgium, the Netherlands, Spain and Italy. The R&D team counts 18 people mainly based in Spain, with the rest of the team focusing on Business Development, Communication, Marketing and Sales.
CEO: Luciano Scatorchia, Responsible for the group general management. 30+ years of experience in Marketing and Logistics, with a strong focus on technology development. Previous experiences as: General manager in food and beverage industry, Consultant for EU, Katoennatie, Vos Logistics and NS-Cargo in the area of purchase and process for cargo companies; Entrepreneur in the Logistic Sector/ICT with a proven track record creating and managing companies: NWM Uithoorn as Director of Marketing and Sales operations, Founder of GTS Multi Logistics, Founder of Added Logistics. (3)
CSO: Jose Vuelta, Responsible for Business Strategy and Partnerships. 15+ years of experience in Operations, Business Development and Marketing. Previous experiences as:
Logistics at DHL for IBM, Manager at Ricoh EMEA, Spin-off Solar Energy at CUPA, Entrepreneurial ventures for Diageo, the Founder Institute, ICT Startups, Ashoka and Cherie Blair Foundation. (4)
Pingvalue was accepted to Cisco’s innovation technology programme, becoming an official Solution Partner and gaining access to a range of resources. Cisco Systems is an American multinational technology that develops, manufactures and sells networking hardware, telecommunications equipment and other high-technology services and products. For a full list of all the other (trust)partners, look at their official website (15+). (5)

Wallet with digital coupons -> Relevant recommendations -> Advanced search functionality & Notifications – > Experience creation & ambassador program -> Loyalty program & Chat -> OmniChannel & Customer Journey -> Booking & Payment system -> Personal Guide & Agenda -> Trust Factor & Security -> Smart contracts

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