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Reviewed: 17-2-18
CampusCoin is a decentralized cryptocurrency that aims to be used by college students worldwide for instant transactions between peers at their schools. Unlike the various forms of university provided currencies that are present today, CampusCoin aims to connect all colleges and universities with a simple to use digital currency that can be accessed directly through mobile devices. The CampusCoin team hopes to make the coin available at local stores, bars, restaurants near college campuses across the world and potential online marketplace where student can transact peer-to-peer in the future. (1)

For Students
Have the ability to carry out instant transactions via mobile device. Have a safe and secure location to keep their funds. Access to a reward based Campus Ambassador Program. There are currently over 100 ambassadors signed up around the world.
For Merchants
Ability to decrease handling time per customer. Instant transactions reduce business expenditures. Easy compiling of transaction data for future development.
For Institutions
Ability to compile campus transaction data. Unique key identification system for school wallets. Receive instant transactions. Access to school specific sub-ledger.

Campus Ambassador Program
Students can earn daily rewards for encouraging other students to sign up for the CampusCoin app. The student can receive a bonus if his/her school starts accepting CampusCoin at their school bookstores/dining halls. Rewards for local bars and restaurants accepting CampusCoin are also available. If you are interested, click (2).

Token distribution
200 million of the total amount of coins is hold by the team for further developed, these coins are distributed as follows: 25%: Outside help/Community; 12.5%: Campus Ambassador Program; 7.5%: Campus ATM Bank; 5%: Student App Registration incentives; 5%: Bank for Credit System; 2.5%: Airdrops/Bounties.
Could change slightly during development.

Founder: Matthew Leonard, entered the University of New Hampshire at the age of 18, his passion for coding focused on the blockchain. His vision of CampusCoin was born in 2014 and continued to expand his conceptual design for the layout of what CampusCoin was to become. While obtaining his Mechanical Engineering degree, he and Bryan met that year and began building the vision of CampusCoin together. (3)
CCO: Bryan Dube, After high school graduation, he attended the University of New Hampshire (Durham) where he received a BS in Civil Engineering. While in school, he became fascinated with blockchain technology and the potential it had to change the world as we know it. (4)
CIO: Arch Beard, Brings more than 13 years of Information Security under the umbrella of Healthcare, with 20 years’ experience overall in healthcare that includes analytics, forensics, and adaptive skillset. Arch is transitioning his expertise and core values into securing CampusCoin, and brings a series of standards, governance, and new elements of oversight to CampusCoin and their blockchain. (5)
CSO: Rich Shope, he enlisted in the Marine Corps where he became a decorated Infantry Sergeant, received a BS in Political Science and is a consultant for a tech start-up called Stealz, also co-founder of “Brand My Snaps.” (6)

– Vita Haus LLC declares CMPCO as preferred method of transaction (Supplement store now accepting CMPCO. (7)
 BrainNerd, a brain focused supplement company, now accepting CMPCO. (8)
–, a cryptocurrency focused online store, now accepting CMPCO. (9)

–  Application: The beta version, which will be the mobile wallets, will be done by the end of march. The full app, with full functionality, is expected Q3 of 2018.
– Campus ambassador: Students who elect to be Campus Ambassadors will receive rewards for spreading CampusCoin among their fellow students.
– Travel To Colleges: The CampusCoin team plans on traveling to campuses to spread the coin to as many schools as possible.
– Gain Acceptance in Local Markets: CampusCoin representatives will be speaking with store, restaurant, and bar owners on each campus they visit.
– Free CampusCoins for Students: All students who register for the CampusCoin app using their official college email will receive free CampusCoin.

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